After 4 Years…

I’m having a really hard time understanding how anyone in their right mind could possible think about voting for Obama again. I’ve been posting and liking so many links daily on facebook that I just don’t know if anyone is paying attention. This election year is the most important election in my lifetime and my children’s lifetime. I have never been so disgusted in the way things are and what the government is getting away with and people just don’t care or they are not paying attention. Not sure how they can’t pay attention because it’s right there to be found as long as you don’t listen or watch the MSM.

Another thing I just don’t get is that there is so much evidence out there of the wrongs that are being done and people being killed and NO ONE is holding them accountable. If it was someone other than this Administration they would be all over it. Why don’t the American people care, what happened to this country that we have become so blind to evil within our own borders.

So in case you miss these news stories, I’m going to post them and if you choose to ignore what is the truth, then…..I just don’t know what say….I guess it makes me sad that people don’t care enough about this country to take into consideration something other than what the MSM wants you to know. Do you really want to be a fool? Because that is what they are hoping, that people won’t listen to the truth and they can destroy what this country was founded on.

My prayers are that this blog will help make a decision that will save this country.

May God Bless America!


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