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Energy Independent

It’s funny how everyone wants to save the environment by using Green Energy, which is expensive and would take years to recoup the money spent to development, but they want to save the environment for future generations, but they don’t care that the future generation will be broke, won’t be able to afford any type of energy.  We have the resources here in the United States, but our government is not allowing us to be energy independent, which would create jobs for American people.  But the administration allows other countries, for example Brazil, to drill our oil and sell it back to us.  How does this make sense?  Their reason is because it isn’t environmentally safe, but I guess it’s safe if some else drills our oil and sell it back to us.  WHY are we allowing this, WHY are people so ass backwards  in their thought process?



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Doesn’t Matter For Whom You Vote? Think Again.

Written on Thursday, October 4, 2012 by

It is sad but more than occasionally I will learn of individuals who have become so jaded by the whole political realm that they decide not to vote since politicians are “all the same” and “it won’t matter who is in the White House.” While we have all been discouraged by the greed, avarice, ineptitude and slime that Washington exudes, to so callously disregard the right to vote is despicable and shameful. I will forgo the fully justified guilt-tripping about the men and women who have bled and died to protect our democracy and simply stick to incontrovertible facts about the current leader of the Free World that starry-eyed lemmings put into office. If one thinks that the person filling the Presidential suit is of no consequence, how is it that obama, unlike his predecessors, associates with Communists and criminals and has accomplished hundreds of deeds counter to the Constitution and the beliefs of a majority of Americans? Consider the following:

    • Czars:   In a move that stinks of the USSR, one of obama’s first actions was to appoint more than 30 individuals to control various aspects of American society. While no such appointments were ever allowed in the Constitution or Founding Documents, obama steamrolled the other branches of government and established his puppets in power.
    • Non-Recess Appointments:   Contrary to law and established Congressional procedures, obama appointed union crony Richard Cordray and other union thug attorneys to the NLRB with no Congressional approval, though they were in session.

  •  Auto Union Bailout:    As a payoff/bribe to unions, obama guided the auto union bailout of GM and Chrysler. While proof has recently arisen to show non-union employees were left out in the cold, taxpayer money was used to prop up auto unions, even going so far as to ignore other creditors and give those unions a controlling share in the floundering makers. Enjoy your taxpayer-subsidized steaming pile of Volt, everybody!
  • Obamacare:   A partisan social program that a majority of citizens do not want yet, through illegal bribes, lies and arm-twisting, socialized medicine was passed. The true costs of the program, if not reversed, will cripple our country and destroy the best medical system in the world.
  • Oil Drilling:   Ignoring a federal judge ruling that stated the policy was illegal, the obama regime shut down oil drilling in the Gulf and drove the oil platforms to other parts of the world. Under the guise of environmental protection, oil exploration by American companies was crippled. If guarding the planet was the intent however, why did the government under obama’s direction then loan billions to Brazil, Mexico and other nations to drill in the EXACT SAME waters? [Answer: It is another way to hamstring “evil” America and spread our wealth to less-productive nations.] This is in addition to the illegal extortion of $20B from BP Oil following the oil spill disaster.
  • Through obama’s directives, the EPA has illegally set arbitrary carbon emission standards that will further cripple American industry.
  • Political offices and appointments being awarded to financial backers of obama is in such an uncharted realm it should boggle one’s mind.
  • If the man sitting in the Oval Office does not matter, how has obama managed to increase the national debt in just three years by over 50%?
  •  obama phones, anybody? obama unilaterally wiped away the work requirements section of the Welfare Reform laws devised under President Clinton, allowing individuals to not even have to pretend to work to steal taxpayer money.
  • obama, in direct opposition to his Oath of Office, acted for a time as UN Security Council Chair.
  • Our current President, who some feel is just the same as all the others, has used his influence to support the Occupy Wall Street crowd in their un-American activities. Far worse, he ignored the Green Party (not  the nutbag environmental wackjobs but the Democracy movement in Iran) as they were rounded up but has continually supported the Muslim Brotherhood uprisings throughout the Middle East, even sending in U.S. troops to help overthrow one dictator so another (far more vile and insane) ruler with obama’s approval could take control.
  •  A few months ago, to add more Democrat voters to the rolls/useless individuals to the welfare system, obama simply decided to enact much of the DREAM Act amnesty for illegal aliens. Although Congress had rejected the freebie to these criminals three times, obama simply moved to enact the measures.
  • This is a man who is on record as fighting to have babies who survived abortions die.
  • He is also the individual who attacked the Church and forced them to provide contraception against their will.
  • obama and his people are currently fighting to disenfranchise our voting service men and women while he also roadblocks simple laws to fight voter fraud (thus allowing the old Democrat voter fraud tricks to continue. JFK beats Nixon anybody?)
  • obama is currently attempting to circumvent the Second Amendment by negotiating a an agreement to have the U.S. abide by the UN’s Small Arms Treaty.
  •  While all other Presidents had the facts of their formative years in the public record, obama has hidden his entire history, regardless of the questions and anomalies. This is a President with no public record of his beliefs, stances or grades. An explanation of how he attended an all-Muslim school in Indonesia and the most expensive schools in America, and why his Social Security number should belong to a man born in Connecticut in the late 1800s has ever been given.
  •  obama has soured relations with some of our historically close allies. The list is too lengthy to attempt but a sample here. Remember the return of the Churchill bust? Or the time when obama gave British Trident missile codes to Russia. As for Israel, the President’s obvious loathing for the Jewish people has been made evident continually. Throw in Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and a host of others.
  • Our current “President” redirected NASA’s aim from space exploration to Muslim outreach….really.
  • obama has made a shambles of the U.S. war effort. More men in uniform have died in his three-plus years in office than in Bush’s eight. His appeasement, lies and ineptitude have reduced our safety in the world, lessened our influence (thus giving rise to the expanding evils in Russia, the Middle East, China and elsewhere), and led to the deaths of our people around the world. Look at the lies and cover-up as Islamic flags were raised over our embassies and our diplomat’s dead body was paraded in the street.
  • Solyndra and other wasteful fantasies resulted in hard earned money being stolen from the American people and presented to companies owned (and poorly run) by obama supporters and donors. This is while obama has single-handedly shut down job-making opportunities that would make the country more energy independent like the Keystone Pipeline and almost the entire coal industry.
  • obama decided on his own that his Justice Department will no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • If one is judged by the company he keeps, obama is certainly the most corrupt individual since Woodrow Wilson to hold the highest office:
    • Eric Holder: Attorney General and controlling interest in the Fast & Furious scandal. Holder may as well have killed our border agent himself and obama invoked Executive Privilege to protect him. obama also instructed Holder to ignore immigration laws and not pursue illegal aliens in this country. Additionally, obama had Holder allow illegal voter suppression by the New Black Panther Party.
    • The obama Administration reportedly has over three dozen tax cheats in the White House, most notably Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury!
    • Tony Rezko: Slumload fundraiser and friend to obama who is now serving time for corruption. He is also the guy that sold obama the land for his house in a shady Chicago real estate deal.
    • Bill Ayers: Unrepentant terrorist and obama friend and supporter (and potentially the ghost author of obama’s early books and, according to sources, the son of the man who paid to put obama through school).
    • Dozens of obama fundraisers and bundlers are currently being investigated or serving time for corruption.
    • “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright:   20+ years obama’s mentor, Wright is the preacher of the abominations of social justice, collective salvation and black liberation theology. Also, “God D*mn America” N’uff said.
    •  The list goes on and on. Contemptible individuals like Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, Rahm Emanuel, Rod Blagojevich and others show that obama allowed the sewer-dwellers of society into the hallowed corridors of the White House.  

Still think that the individual in the Oval Office is inconsequential? This is not a Democrat Vs Republican thing. I can debate Bush against Clinton any day. Bush spent too much on “compassionate” and forgot Conservative but he kept us safe. Clinton was a traditional misguided liberal who, after the midterm elections, co-opted the Republican economic ideas and was then termed a success. Good and bad in all. The problem is we now have a person in office that is systematically working to remake America into a shadow of her former self. If the press actually reported the news instead supporting their candidate, if people realized that Jon Stewart is an ignorant comedian, if people would learn that the government is not there to provide equal outcomes, we might actually reclaim this nation. Until then, unenlightened people will support the “straight ticket”, skip voting altogether, vote for some fringe nutty candidate and thus throw away their vote or, worst of all, vote to reelect the most frightening and anti-American man to ever hold the office. Still think your vote does not count?

Please check out my Conservative Consumerism and my Facebook page Conservatism by Chris Gadsden so you can be notified when new articles post.

As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.

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Obama Trolling for the Knucklehead Vote

Obama Trolling for the Knucklehead Vote

October 3, 2012

Obama Trolling for the Knucklehead Vote

By Ed Lasky

Pundits have ridiculed the string of fluff television, radio, and magazine appearances that Barack Obama has been making the last few months.  They are wrong.  He has a strategy and is executing it well.  He is seeking and winning the votes of those Michelle Obama calls knuckleheads.

Inside-the-Beltway journalists have decried Barack Obama’s refusal to hold many press conferences.  His canned speeches and reliance on the teleprompter have provided them with precious few chances to score points among their colleagues for gotcha questions.

Ah…just kidding.


Most journalists would rather attack Mitt Romney like a pack of hyenas than ask the president any questions that may discomfort him.  Instead, Barack Obama sends out his hapless Press Secretary Jay Carney to field questions — or people like Susan Rice to evade truthful answers regarding the murders of Americans in Libya, the march of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Arab Spring going up in flames (along with American flags and embassies).  That is what they are paid to do: make excuses, fabricate answers or curse those seeking answers, fall on the sword if need be.  They will still keep their lives and their jobs.

Barack Obama would rather nurture his bromance with David Letterman, who has had the president and the first lady on his show numerous times.  Letterman gets a big ratings boost; the Obama campaign gets free airtime in front of an audience in millions.  That is certainly worth millions of dollars — or at least a Kennedy Center honor.

Or perhaps, Barack Obama prefers chatting about his pepper preferences and favorite superpowers with a New Mexico talk show host to explaining how his administration screwed up security in Libya so that those bumps in the road (otherwise known as the murders of Americans) happened.  Contemplating fantasy abilities must be far more enjoyable than revealing the true history of the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal — a topic that might be of interest to citizens of a border state.

And of course, talking about rappers Pitbull and Flo Rida with a Florida DJ known as the “Pimp with the Limp” certainly beats talking with congressional leaders from both parties about avoiding the coming fiscal cliff and Taxmageddon that could lead to yet more economic weakness and job losses in a few months.  Many journalists, including most recently Bob Woodward, have reported that Barack Obama is a loner who has held barely any meetings with key leaders in Congress, his Jobs Council, his Cabinet, his Daily Intelligence Briefers, the Erskine-Bowles Commission — the club of people stiffed by the president has an ever-growing membership.  Even the liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus has criticized Obama’s pattern of unexcused absences when important issues need to be addressed (see her column “Obama’s ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Presidency”).  In 2008, the paucity of Obama’s record and his reliance on airy platitudes (Hope, Change, Yes We Can, We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, and other juvenilia) instead of solid proposals combined with his lack of a record, led some to characterized him as the “Being There” candidate, after the vacuous character played by Peter Sellers in the movie of that name.  Now he is the “Not Being There” president.

Meeting with foreign leaders during the annual confab at the United Nations was never on the calendar — crowded out by an appearance on The View, where he touted his status as “eye candy.”  Why meet with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu when he could be charmed by Whoopi Goldberg and whoop it up with that wiz Joy Behar?

What is up with the abdication of responsibility on the part of the president?  Is it all a function of his lack of a work ethic, his addiction to golf, his preference for having fun with NBA basketball players, his enjoyment from being serenaded by a parade of singers in the East Room?  After all, he did say “we never need an excuse for a good party” at the White House.

Can he bully or stonewall queries from local reporters, or will they be so overawed by their chance to talk with a president that they will not mar the experience with serious questions?  Are reporters and talking heads from Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine, or Vogue even interested in asking serious questions about the parlous state of our nation and the history of mistakes made by the president?  At least the Univision journalists who grilled him over his broken promises over immigration and the Fast and the Furious scandal proved their mettle.  But serious questioning of this president is an astronomically rare occurrence.  There won’t be any White House invitations for those who trespass; at least he spared the Univision hosts a tirade such as the one he delivered to one Texas interviewer who offended him.

All of the above are possibilities, but a recent study may reveal an ulterior motive.  Obama is trolling for the votes of people Michelle Obama derided a few months ago as “knuckleheads” — people who may not yet be registered, who don’t really follow politics, who are confused by the issues, don’t follow the news, and are not motivated to vote.

Ah…electoral gold.

Joshua Green delved “Inside the Minds of Undecided Voters” in Business Week.  He noted that a portion of them are following politics and the candidates but just have not settled on one.  But then there are the others — the couch potatoes:

The other group of undecided voters, those who haven’t tuned in yet, will draw on an even thinner grasp of politics. They tend not to follow current events and thus don’t respond to the normal methods of persuasion. Brabender calls them “unknowings” and says they can’t be reached by advertising on Fox News or MSNBC. “If you’re watching Fox, you already know who you’re voting for,” he says. This group tends to be younger, concentrated in rural and suburban areas, and more apt to watch prime-time network TV than news shows, which means its members are more expensive to reach through ads.

Advances in data mining have helped media strategists understand the habits and preferences of undecideds with uncanny specificity. According to research shared with Bloomberg Businessweek by National Media Research, Planning & Placement, which buys TV ads for campaigns, high-turnout swing voters tend to drive Saabs, drink Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi and Corona Light, listen to adult contemporary music, and watch Turner Classic Movies and The Office.

They also have a special fondness for reality TV. “In 2010 the research pointed to reality and talent competition programs and shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Pawn Stars,” says Will Feltus, the company’s senior vice president. “Comedies are also good for reaching swing voters. Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men work well.”

Combined, these undecided voters represent somewhere between 2 percent and 8 percent of the vote and are hard to reach. Yet the campaigns will certainly feel compelled to try.

And so Obama has been trying to reach them.

For years, there has been a cliché that undecided voters break for the challenger.  Obama may be breaking this paradigm.  This time they may be shifting to Obama.

His repeated appearances on comedy shows, daytime talk shows (No Dick Cavett here; No Firing Line), and his joshing with local DJs such as The Pimp with the Limp are efforts to reach these potential voters.

Obama certainly enjoys an advantage here: it is hard to fathom a man as serious and contemplative as Mitt Romney — a man who is more focused on facing our problems rather than babbling pabulum (without the nutrition) — riding the carnival circuit.

Obama has no problem on the carnival circuit.  He is a star there, the world’s biggest celebrity, as the McCain camp presciently recognized in one of their few smart tactics during the 2008 campaign.

This Obama campaign strategy has been clear for some time.

Has there ever been a politician whose campaign is so focused on the euphemistically termed “low-information voter”?  Consider the following signs:

  • The reliance on visual imagery (the poster, the American flag defaced with the Obama campaign image decal, the faux Roman columns, the trinkets for sale on the campaign website — a gallery dedicated to the image of Obama and not the image of America).
  • The steady stream of tweets and text messages sent to supporters — limited in length so as to not tax their attention spans.  Obama’s one-woman Praetorian guard and chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has said that Barack Obama has to talk in simpler ways to Americans, exhibiting the condescension and disdain at the heart of this presidency.
  • The meet-ups of 2008 are not so prevalent now, as his youthful supporters struggle to pay for gas or look for jobs.
  • The key role played by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes in building up the Obama campaign social outreach — the jokes to entertain them.
  • The beer-drinking.
  • The bracketology of the NCAA tournaments.
  • And the drivel.

The internet has overtaken newspapers as a source of news; hence the Obama emphasis on reaching people via the internet, where micro-focused messages can be tailor-made to appeal to an individual potential voter.  The danger behind such narrowcasting is that the information delivered can be akin more to propaganda than to facts.  Obama supporters all too often would rather gaze, graze, or glance than read, think, and ponder.

How nice it is not to face reality.  Ignorance is bliss.  That should be the campaign slogan for the Obama campaign, for it has been his modus operandi as president.

Barack Obama’s appearances on lowbrow outlets geared to “low-information voters” (or, as Michelle Obama would say, “knuckleheads”) has capitalized on one edge that Barack Obama has always had over Mitt Romney: “likeability.”  Of course, Obama’s likeability is merely a result of the media shielding the public from the many derogatory remarks he has made about Americans.

Do many of his voters venture much beyond American Idol, The View, Entertainment Tonight, and the La-La Land that embraces Obama?  Perhaps not, given the surveys that show that Democrats are blind to bad economic news.

If people prefer to live in a bubble and avert their eyes from real news (preferring fake news peddled by Obama-supporter Jon Stewart on his Comedy Central Daily Show) and just vote for the guy with the grin, then perhaps Obama’s high poll numbers are understandable.  Jack Nicholson’s Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men declared that some people don’t want the truth; they can’t handle the truth.  How true.  How sad.  How useful these people are to Barack Obama.

The undecided voters have become fodder to be plumbed for humor — as in this cartoon, and skewered by no less than Saturday Night Live.

However, there is nothing humorous about the future of many hardworking Americans being determined by people who star in videos such as these by Alexandra Pelosi (the daughter of Nancy) and Howard Stern!

Nor is there anything funny about there being are a lot of “low-information voters” out there; our teachers; unions, media, and Hollywood are creating them in the millions.

Is it any wonder that that they usually vote for Democrats?

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So … Is the Mainstream Media Planning an Apology to Richard Nixon Any Time Soon?

So … Is the Mainstream Media Planning an Apology to Richard Nixon Any Time Soon?

By / 3 October 2012

It seems to me the mainstream media should experience considerable guilt over its persecution of President Richard Nixon for the Watergate cover-up – while at the same time giving President Obama a complete pass for his cover-up of the murders of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three of his American colleagues.

No one died in the Watergate scandal. Four Americans died in the Libya massacre. And the failure of Hillary Clinton’s State Department to provide adequate protection for the American Consulate in Libya is a neglect of duty and responsibility beyond comprehension.  Perhaps if Obama were attending White House Security Briefings on a regular basis, this negligence would have been avoided.

But even more outrageous is the dereliction of duty by our Constitutionally protected Free Press, to not take-on this cover-up. In fact, much of the mainstream media have only dimly reported on it – and have down-played it in grotesque support of Barack Obama’s re-election.

To drive President Nixon out of office because of the break-in at the Democratic Party’s National Committee offices – while cooperating with Obama in his cover-up of the murders of an American ambassador and three of his colleagues – is beyond the pale.

Think about it!  Nixon is driven out of office by the Liberal-Leftist media  because of a break-in cover-up – while Obama stays-on after gross negligence and the murder of four Americans is covered-up.  Talk about a double standard!

Recently on Megyn Kelly’s America Live news show (Fox News) Democratic commentators Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen spoke to this situation.

Both men are outraged by the “in-the-tank-for-Obama” behavior of the mainstream news media. They feel the Constitutionally protected media have abandoned their responsibility to report the news factually, objectively, completely and in timely fashion, without bias, to the American people.

They say that this is not happening because of an effort to cover-up for Obama’s failures. For example, in the case: of the Libya massacre and subsequent deception by Secretary Susan Rice . . . of the lack of appropriate protection for our Ambassador and Consulate personnel . . . of Obama’s trip to Las Vegas for fundraising . . . of the total world-wide collapse of Obama’s foreign policy . . . of Obama’s lack of attendance at White House Intelligence Briefings . . .
of the Fort Hood massacre and Muslim connection . . . of the “Fast and Furious” Mexican gun-running debacle . . . of the Solyndra bailout fiasco . . . of the financial failure of the GM bailout, et cetera.

At last! A couple of Democrat commentators telling it like it is. Perhaps there’s hope after all!

Image: Watergate Complex, Washington, DC; courtesy; Flickr; Allen Lew from Berkeley, USA     

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After 4 Years…

I’m having a really hard time understanding how anyone in their right mind could possible think about voting for Obama again. I’ve been posting and liking so many links daily on facebook that I just don’t know if anyone is paying attention. This election year is the most important election in my lifetime and my children’s lifetime. I have never been so disgusted in the way things are and what the government is getting away with and people just don’t care or they are not paying attention. Not sure how they can’t pay attention because it’s right there to be found as long as you don’t listen or watch the MSM.

Another thing I just don’t get is that there is so much evidence out there of the wrongs that are being done and people being killed and NO ONE is holding them accountable. If it was someone other than this Administration they would be all over it. Why don’t the American people care, what happened to this country that we have become so blind to evil within our own borders.

So in case you miss these news stories, I’m going to post them and if you choose to ignore what is the truth, then…..I just don’t know what say….I guess it makes me sad that people don’t care enough about this country to take into consideration something other than what the MSM wants you to know. Do you really want to be a fool? Because that is what they are hoping, that people won’t listen to the truth and they can destroy what this country was founded on.

My prayers are that this blog will help make a decision that will save this country.

May God Bless America!

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