Why wouldn’t anyone want to Protect Our Children on the Net from Predators?

Protect our children on the Net from Predators

One candidate running for president voted against protecting our children from internet predators. Including the fact he voted against having “filters” on computers protecting our children from going to sexually explicit sites and help protect from child molestors/abuductors.

The other candidate introduced the Children’s Internet Protection Act amendment in 2000 thus PROTECTING our children from sexually explicit sites and child predators.

Which candidate did what?

Obama voted NO on HB1812 in IL State Senate in 1999 which required schools to equip public access computers with software that seeks to prevent minors from accessing explict sexual materials. He has also voted NO on internet filters protecting our children. http://www.ilga.gov , Congressional Record

McCain is the one that introduced the Children’s Internet Protection Act amendment in 2000

Also, you should know EXACTLY where Obama stands with same sex marriages for those of you who are even PRO-same sex marriages.

Obama opposes California’s marriage initiative but also opposes same-sex marriage. http://www.nytimes.com

Obama- “the Bush tax-cuts-people don’t need them, and they weren’t even asking for tax cuts, and thats why tax cuts need to be less.” http://www.ontheissues.org

McCain-“Hard working American Families need lower taxes.” http://www.johnmccain.com

Look at the REAL facts. The “speeches” you see Obama state on TV can’t be trusted. The media can’t be trusted. Look at the voting records. Look at the facts. Look at EXPERIENCE. Joe Biden HIMSELF stated, “Mark my words. Obama WILL be tested once he gets into office by having an attack on American from one of our enemies due to his youth and inexperience.” Oddly enough, Joe Biden saw that as a good thing. Hmmmmm Who exactly do you want in office if/when America gets attacked again? Someone who has experience with war and the military? Or someone who has absolutely no experience whatsoever?



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